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  • ROBERT | Philadelphia, PA

    I have tried several different types of omegas over the years as this is quite a large market. I am a vegan so this all natural product is a perfect fit for me. The dosage requires only 4 ml daily and the price point is reasonable compared to other competitors. Try them out!

  • JULIE | New York City, NY

    These omegas are incredible! Their quality extends past the product and into the amber glass bottles as well. I love Leenvit for the energy it gave me. I have never been so productive and motivated to do anything plus my recovery time after a training is so much faster.

  • CAROLINA | Scottsdale, AZ

    This is a top quality Omega product. I've been using it for nearly six months and it makes a noticeable difference. My skin and hair look healthier and my inflammatory issues have significantly decreased. Liquid means purity. Just purchased my second bottle.

Freshness from farm to bottle.

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  • Bottled in amber glass

    Sealed in amber glass bottles, Omega 3+6+9 bioesters are free from harmful, toxic substances and do not oxidize during production, which results in optimized storage conditions and stable shelf-life.

  • Plant-based

    Made from sustainably sourced flax seed, this unique formula is manufactured using esterification technology allowing users address nutritional deficiencies without relying on fish-oil derived supplements.

  • Made with love

    Each batch of purchased grain is thoroughly tested for the content of Omega 3+6+9 acids before being sent for extrusion. We produce Omega on our own presses, assuring the use of proven and fresh linseed oil.

More flax. More often.

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